Poppi Burke – Project Manager

Poppi Burke is a Project Manager for Outlook Publishing, international media and publishing company.

As the Food & Beverage Project Manager at Outlook Publishing, Poppi is at the forefront of connecting with Food and Beverage industry leaders across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Poppi’s role involves identifying and engaging with innovators and key executives in Food & Beverage Manufacturing, Retail, and Agriculture, showcasing their success stories in both…

Leading a skilled editorial team, Poppi delves into the diverse aspects of the industry, adopting a holistic field-to-fork approach.

Poppi’s objective is to continually expand our network, providing our B2B readership, including c-suite and boardroom decision-makers, with a rich tapestry of insights and developments from the global Food & Beverage sector.

Prior to Food & Beverage Poppi managed our Manufacturing sector activity across Africa and Asia.

Email Poppi at poppi.burke@outlookpublishing.com

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