Services Sector

Welcome to the hub of our Services Sector team – the heartbeat of our coverage spanning a diverse array of service industries.

As a leading publisher of B2B magazines and digital platforms, we are dedicated to providing insightful content that delves into the intricacies of service-based businesses worldwide.

Meet the dedicated individuals who power our editorial engine, sourcing compelling features, C-suite insights, and executive interviews tailored specifically for our discerning B2B audience seeking expertise in service-oriented sectors.

Dave Knott – Regional Director

Dave is currently responsible for leading the team of project managers that source and showcase North American business leaders, c-suite executives, founders, and company success stories for the readership of North America Outlook Magazine.

Kyle Livingstone – Project Manager

Kyle is currently responsible for showcasing leaders, c-suite executives and company success stories from the Energy & Utilities sectors across Africa, Europe, Middle East, and APAC regions.

Liam Pye – Project Manager

Liam is currently responsible for showcasing leaders, c-suite executives and company success stories from the Food & Beverage Sector across Europe, Middle East, and ANZ regions.