Food & Beverage Sector

Welcome to the hub of our Food & Beverage Sector team – the connoisseurs curating our coverage of culinary delights and industry innovations.

As a leading publisher of B2B magazines and digital platforms, we are dedicated to providing insightful content that explores the latest trends, developments, and challenges in the food and beverage sector.

Meet the passionate individuals who power our editorial engine, sourcing compelling features, C-suite insights, and executive interviews tailored specifically for our discerning B2B audience seeking expertise in the realm of gastronomy and hospitality.

Molly Smith – Project Manager

Molly is currently responsible for showcasing leaders, c-suite executives and company success stories from the Food & Beverage and the Agriculture sectors across North America.

Poppi Burke – Project Manager

As the Food & Beverage Project Manager at Outlook Publishing, Poppi is at the forefront of connecting with Food and Beverage industry leaders across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Poppi's role involves identifying and engaging with innovators and key executives in Food & Beverage Manufacturing, Retail, and Agriculture, showcasing their success stories in both EME Outlook Magazine and APAC Outlook Magazine.

Josh Rayfield – Head of Projects

Josh has recently taken on reponsibility for sourcing Food & Beverage and Agriculture sector features across the Africa and ANZ regions.