Dave Knott – Regional Director

Current Sector: Food & Beverage

Dave Knott

Dave Knott is a Regional Director for Outlook Publishing, international media and publishing company.

Dave is currently responsible for showcasing leaders, c-suite executives and company success stories from the Food Beverage sector across North America.

Prior to moving his focus to Food & Beverage, Dave showcased features in the Manufacturing and the Energy & Utilities sectors for Outlook Publishing.

Primary Sector: Food & Beverage

Email Dave at david.knott@outlookpublishing.com


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North America Outlook Magazine

North America Outlook Magazine


Earl Brown,
Group Marketing and Communications Officer,

CR3 Group

“This was my first time collaborating with the APAC Outlook team, and I’m pleased to say all aspects of the project went very smoothly. Throughout the article’s creation, I discovered them to be highly flexible in catering to our needs. The entire team remained accessible, promptly addressing any changes that we requested. A very professional team that exceeded my expectations, I highly recommend APAC Outlook to any company looking to promote its brand or increase its exposure.”

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